Georgia Rotary Student Program

Class of 1994 - 1995


Welcome to the homepage of the GRSP Class of 1994-1995!

This page is intended to keep track of all these people from more than 50 nations who were chosen by the Georgia Rotary Student Program to study one year at a University in the State of Georgia, USA, sponsored by one of the wonderful Rotary Clubs in the R.I. Districts 6900, 6910 and 6920. If you were part of our group, but your whereabouts are not listed under "People", please contact us so we can add you to the list.

1994 -1995 has been a special year and our time with the GRSP has been a special experience. Let's try to keep the friendships made and to fill the motto "Bringing nations together" with life. We'll see eachother sometime, somewhere around the world.

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